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Viki Ray in 'Staircase Seduction'

Viki Ray - Staircase Seduction

When you want a lady who's willing to dress up nice for the outdoors and then get naked and freaky right on the stairs behind closed doors, Viki Ray is your dream girl. She's a total cougar with a lot of spunk compacted into her short figure! Watch her show you how to push all her sexy buttons.

Viki Ray in 'Ready For Fun'

Viki Ray - Ready For Fun

If you find Viki Ray wearing a robe and claiming that she'd like to slip into something more comfortable, get ready for this cougar to peel off her lingerie and just get naked. She loves letting it all out, leaving herself free to squeeze her ass and breasts, pinch her nipples, and of course feel up her twat.

Viki Ray in 'Into It'

Viki Ray - Into It

Of course Viki Ray has to dress up nicely for her day job as an executive assistant, but the moment this hotblooded milf comes home she peels her dress off and gets busy with her magic fingers. It's impossible to deny the appeal of her tan lines and titties, and especially her bald cooch.

Viki Ray in 'Bright And Beautiful'

Viki Ray - Bright And Beautiful

Viki Ray has short hair and a hot body that are sure to draw you in with their allure. She loves to dress in bright clothes to attract the attention of potential fuck toys, but he favorite thing to wear is nothing at all so her hands can get busy feeling her firm tits and bald pussy up.

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Viki Ray in 'Run After Two Whores, Will Fuck Neither'

Viki Ray - Run After Two Whores, Will Fuck Neither

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you two whores at once, think carefully about whether you can use both of them. The hero of this story was sure that he could handle both his girlfriend and her mother in one night. But this family turned out to be too insatiable for one unfortunate fella...

Viki Ray in 'Playing the Fuck Out of Croc!'

Viki Ray - Playing the Fuck Out of Croc!

Professional educators believe that the best way to learn is by playing. But what do you do when you have to teach a big-ass bastard like me? Go all the way, of course! If you call yourself a coward, get in the box! I mean, take off your panties and spread your thighs for me! And I don't care if the crocodile almost bit my dick off during the game...

Viki Ray in 'Came Over for Fuck of Dice'

Viki Ray - Came Over for Fuck of Dice

To hide their embarrassing secrets, people are sometimes willing to go to extremes. Sometimes they forget to use their brains. This was the case, for example, with the heroine of this story, who got involved with the criminal world for some reason, who owed and forgot to tell her husband everything. Trying to hide the obvious, she was made to spread her legs in front of her BFF's guy. However, apart from pleasure, it did little good...