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Marta in 'Watch Me'

Marta - Watch Me

Marta is a Russian dream come true with her huge breasts and her full-bodied figure that has plenty of cushion for the pushin'. She's always happy to get naked, exchanging her clothes for the touch of her talented hands all over her tender titties and her sensitive clit as she masturbates to completion.

Marta in 'Toy Orgasm'

Marta - Toy Orgasm

Marta knows that toys aren't just for teens. This hot-blooded housewife isn't above grabbing her current favorite plaything and going to town on her tiny hard nipples and her well-rounded ass. Once she's nicely warmed up, she sinks her vibrator all the way into her juicy cunt to masturbate until she's screaming.

Marta in 'Natural Beauty'

Marta - Natural Beauty

Back from the office, Marta can't wait to get naked and unwind. Her short skirt is the first to go, followed by her thong and bra. Down to just her high heels, the bigtit mom pulls out her trusty vibrator and sucks it briefly before shoving it all the way into her greedy cunt.

Marta in 'Feeling Sexy'

Marta - Feeling Sexy

Watch as bigtit Russian mom Marta lets her best assets out for your viewing pleasure. This horny housewife isn't satisfied to just flaunt her large breasts and flat tummy. She won't be satisfied until her fingers are sunk knuckle deep into the cream filled tightness of her cock hungry bare twat.

Marta in 'Hardcore'

Marta - Hardcore

Whenever Marta brings a man home, she lets the anticipation build before she takes her satisfaction. The Russian milf loves to suck cock and get her bare pussy pounded on her hands and knees. She'll try any position that'll get herself off, but at the end she delivers a final blowjob that ends in a facial of hot cum.

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Marta in 'Cucumber for Her Eyes and Boyfriend's Cock for Her Mommy'

Marta - Cucumber for Her Eyes and Boyfriend's Cock for Her Mommy

This mom is used to getting her way. First place in kickboxing competitions, first place in triathlon, eight medals in marathons - her trophies no longer fit in the closet. Until recently, she sincerely believed that her main victory in life is a beautiful daughter. But when she saw her boyfriend, she understood what cchildren are for. To lure in living sex toys...

Marta in 'Aunt and Stepmother Give Guy His First-ever Sex Ed'

Marta - Aunt and Stepmother Give Guy His First-ever Sex Ed

It is only in fairy tales that the stepmother is always evil, and the real mom is kind. But in reality it is just the opposite. Stepmothers are much more attentive to their stepsons, they really care about them and worry about their mental and physical development. And if a sister is around, stepmothers are at their best. This time, the two sisters gave the young virgin a real master class in sex education. And, it seems, for a while the guy got into a real fairy tale...

Marta in 'Is it shameful to spy on my mother's showering friend'

Marta - Is it shameful to spy on my mother's showering friend

Marta is one of my mother's HOTTEST friends. Her deliciously soft body never really left my perverse fantasies and sometimes I'd dedicate entire evenings to masturbating to the thoughts of me fucking her huge ass. As if to prove that thoughts are things and MILFs are thots, Marta came over to our house to take a shower. The thought of my long-time crush standing behind the door totally naked drove me crazy. I took out my cock and started pleasuring myself while spying on her. Her body seemed just so irresistible and tempting, so I decided to burst right in…

Marta in 'Mature lady knows how to ace a job interview'

Marta - Mature lady knows how to ace a job interview

The interview was scheduled for 2:00 p.m. and I was pretty excited. I heard knocking on the door – it was the interviewee. She was mature, but there was something very womanly about her… unlike some of the younger, butch-y bimbs you see today! She examined me with her wide eyes and got ready to listen to what I had to say. I told her that I was looking for a housemaid, essentially. I mentioned the fact that I have MANY different needs. She nodded understandingly before asking a very pointed question – Are you married? That took me by surprise. I expected her to inquire about payment, the job itself, but then it suddenly hit me: our attraction was mutual! Without saying a word, I leaned in closer and started kissing her neck, rubbing her thighs, and helping her out of that sexy blouse…

Marta in '1playing With Marta'

Marta - 1playing With Marta

An all-American bathing suit hugs Marta's slim curves as the Russian bombshell shows herself off. As hot as she is with clothes on, she's even more beautiful as she slowly strips down and shows off her curvy petite figure from her toes to her bare twat to the tips of her hard nipples.

Marta in '1never Enough'

Marta - 1never Enough

We can never get enough of stunning Marta as she models for us in her cute bra and panties set. The tall Russian is even hotter when she gets naked and lets us indulge in staring at her perfect handful breasts tipped with big puffy nips and her lusty bald pussy.

Marta in '1insatiable'

Marta - 1insatiable

Marta is a stunner who loves to shake what she's got. She's always up for a good time as she lifts her shirt to pinch her nipples to hardness. Let this Russian goddess delight you with her long legs, slim figure, and bare pussy that is all wet and ready for a pussy party.

Marta in '1cum Again'

Marta - 1cum Again

One of our favorites, Marta, is back for even more horny fun! This little slice of heaven is eager to spread her big ass cheeks and let you admire her smooth bare pussy beneath those firm gloves. Between her incredible snatch and her perfect handful titties, this tall drink of water will rock your world.