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Lea in 'Naughty Nurse'

Lea - Naughty Nurse

What would you do to get a nurse like lovely Lea to care for all your needs? She would take her job seriously, making sure you're nice and comfortable and well satisfied. With a super skinny body like hers, she wouldn't have to work too hard to get you off and herself as well.

Lea in 'Masturbation Break'

Lea - Masturbation Break

Lea knows the best way to encourage herself to clean the house is to reward herself by masturbating. As soon as her chores are done, the European milf shimmies out of her sheer bra and matching panties so she can pinch her cherry nipples and tease her slippery bare twat.

Lea in 'In The Mood'

Lea - In The Mood

Lounging her bra, panties, and sheer robe on her day off, Lea decides now is the time to make herself feel good. You're welcome to cum on over and join her as she slips out of her clothes and spreads her thighs so she can show off her slippery bare cunt that's ready to play.

Lea in 'Fit Beauty'

Lea - Fit Beauty

Lusty Lea is ready to rock your world as long as you promise to rock hers in return. Stripping out of her lovely dress is her number one priority, followed immediately by her bra and panties. Once this horny mama is naked, she'll lay herself out on the bed and strikes some sexy poses to warm you up.

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Lea in 'Secret Diary'

Lea - Secret Diary

Lea writes in her diary every single day. Sometimes she likes to go back weeks and read about how far she's come in the last while. It makes her horny thinking of all the boys and girls she's been crushing on and how it made her feel to masturbate when the fantasy was new and exciting. Lea's purple candles emit the most erotic scent into her room and their soft light caresses the gentle curves of her soft skin. Lea peels off her top and bra and kicks off her soft lacy panties that match the color of her candles with a playful kick. As she falls into her fantasy she begins to rub her shaved young pussy. Her long brunette hair is tickling the skin of her soft breasts along with her palms. Lea continues to touch her clit and breasts to get her all natural girl juice flowing.As the fantasy grows stronger she lifts her long slender teen legs above her body, accessing her shaved pussy from behind her legs. The pleasure grows faster and more heated as she is masturbating and she eventually reaches a sensual orgasm letting free soft moans of pleasure. She doesn't forget to thank her diary for the inspiration!

Lea in 'Late Morning'

Lea - Late Morning

Some days you just don't want to get out of bed. Lovely Lea finds herself in that position, her young body so warm and soft from being under her sheets all night. She's just woken up from a dream about you, the perfect date, you treated her so well, and towards the end you began kissing and holding each other but Lea woke up before you could get any further. Closing her eyes, she begins to run her hands over her body, wishing they were yours. Gently tracing her fingertips around her small breasts, she feels her nipples harden under her soft touch. Still playing with her breasts, her other hand slides beneath her panties, and Lea isn't surprised to find herself already wet. You always turn her on so much, whether in her dreams or in real life. Taking her panties off, she returns her attention to between her legs, her fingers gently spreading her shaved lips and slowly rolling her clit around. Turning on to her side, Lea squeezes her thighs around her wrist and continues to finger herself, imagining you eating her slowly, spreading her thighs as you do. It's a shame she wasn't able to wake up to you in her bed. She's getting closer to cumming now, sitting up and spreading her legs, she continues to rub her clit around. Agonizingly slowly, her fingers rhythmically dance around the pleasurable little nub, pressure building inside of her, the need for release and for her impending orgasm. Bringing herself to the edge, Lea rubs round and round faster, quickly reaching her climax with images of you in her head bringing unspoken amounts of pleasure to her young teen body. As she comes down from the peaks of pleasure you bring upon her, she wishes she could have late mornings with you every day...

Lea in 'Remastered: Lea'

Lea - Remastered: Lea

I got some sex for ya. Remastered sex. Blonde haired, natural tittied sex. Our european big mouthful extravaganza is winding down, but we ain't moving on without a few more big bangs! Lea was pretty amazing in this video. Those who remember this update need no convincing. She gets fucked good, real good. She gets hit with all the great positions, including the seldom used lounge chair pump. She also gets one of the biggest nut busts in her mouth that I've seen so far. Enjoy!

Lea in 'Catching Loads'

Lea - Catching Loads

Lea is a sexy petite babe that came to Bangbros in search of a Big Mouthful. Buddy went and scooped her up so he can give her what she wanted. Once back at the house without hesitation Lea wrapped her lips around Buddy's cock. Then got the pounding that she's never felt before. After fucking her for quite sometime. Buddy pulled out and busted a huge load in Lea's mouth. Wow! Talk about a nut. You have to watch. Enjoy!

Chintia in 'No ID, No Banging '

Chintia - No ID, No Banging

In a club where only girls over 18 years old are permitted and guys with big cocks that can pop huge amounts of cum are accepted... Mofos is proud to present you this orgy where four girls are getting banged and have them guys pop all over their faces.