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Krayana Chias in 'Yule Love My Pussy'

Krayana Chias - Yule Love My Pussy

If you've dreamed of having a super fine milf who's oh so willing to get fucked for Christmas, then Krayana Chias is here to make those dreams come true. She's wrapped herself up in a sexy nightie with spaghetti straps and a miniskirt that can be tugged aside to show off all her incredible assets.

Krayana Chias in 'Yours'

Krayana Chias - Yours

Looking fine as fuck in some lingerie that hugs her slim curves and highlights the jut of her tits, Krayana Chias shoots sultry do me looks at the camera. This cum loving mama is always looking for a good time that involves the pleasure of having her juicy snatch climax hard.

Krayana Chias in 'Unwrap Me'

Krayana Chias - Unwrap Me

Curly blonde Russian cougar is ready to be your Christmas gift if you'll just unwrap her from her little red dress and then use her vibrator on her cooter. This hotblooded housewife just can't wait to be fucked under the tree until her cock loving pussy is creaming hard with orgasmic bliss.

Krayana Chias in 'Thanks Santa'

Krayana Chias - Thanks Santa

Krayana Chias is the kind of cougar who won't take no for an answer when she's decided that she wants to cum, even if she has to do it herself with a dildo. She loves her lingerie, which shows off her firm all naturals and cream filled cunt that is locked and loaded for pleasure.

Krayana Chias in 'Jingle Balls'

Krayana Chias - Jingle Balls

When Krayana Chias gives her beau the gift a dildo, he knows just how to use it to wind his cougar girlfriend up before dicking her down. This hotblooded housewife will fuck in any position as long as it leaves her moaning with her hips bucking and cum dripping from her open mouth.

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Krayana Chias in 'Pathetic Pretender Changed Her Clothes to Avoid My Cock... Didn't Work!'

Krayana Chias - Pathetic Pretender Changed Her Clothes to Avoid My Cock... Didn't Work!

Tired of my antics with mature tutors, my ffather decided to teach me a lesson. He played the worst trick he could on me - he hired a woman who prefers women. At least that's what she claimed to prefer. But my talent was able to expose the whole truth about her sexual preferences. And by 'talent', I mean my dick...

Krayana Chias in 'Sugar Mommy Got Shamefully Busted'

Krayana Chias - Sugar Mommy Got Shamefully Busted

They say that even a broken clock is right twice a day, and the most conservative old people get all freaky at least once in their lives. This mom was no exception. She thought that no one would see her sin, but everything turned out way differently. Slutty clothes, sex toys for professionals and pure lust - that's what she ran away from for many years. But the secret must remain a secret, and in order for her beloved daughter not to find out about this fall from grace, mommy had to descend into the very depths of her personal hell of shame and disgrace ...