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Katy Dee in 'Stay Awhile'

Katy Dee - Stay Awhile

A cock loving milf, Katy Dee recognizes that she has to keep herself nice and fit to stay as sexy as she is today. She winds her workout down by shucking her sports bra and panties so she can jiggle her big naturals and lick her own nipples before shifting her attention south to her greedy coochie.

Katy Dee in 'Ready To Play'

Katy Dee - Ready To Play

Locked and loaded for a good time in her little black dress and do me high heels, Katy Dee is the kind of lady anyone would be eager to come home to. This mommy knows she's got some serious T&A, and she loves to enjoy herself by playing with her boobs and pussy any chance she gets.

Katy Dee in 'Lounge'

Katy Dee - Lounge

Katy Dee is a bit of a younger mommy, but between that and her big boobs and sweet pussy that's all part of her sex appeal. This housewife loves being naked and exploring herself from nipples to clit with her talented fingers as she deliberates which delectable bit she'll start with first.

Katy Dee in 'Have A Taste'

Katy Dee - Have A Taste

Russian milf Katy Dee has some nice home grown big boobs with hard nipples she loves having sucked. As she peels herself out of her sheer lacy lingerie, she can't seem to keep her hands away from her titties. That is, until she has unveiled her sweet wet pussy that's eager for some fun.