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Kate Blue in 'Pretty Pussy'

Kate Blue - Pretty Pussy

Looking fine as fuck in a green dress that does nothing to hide the lingerie she's wearing underneath, Kate Blue is a mouthwatering sight you're going to want to get to know much more intimately. This horny mommy wants to get down and dirty in her bedroom but she'd like a friend to help her out.

Kate Blue in 'Feels So Good'

Kate Blue - Feels So Good

Looking like she's all ready to go out on the town, Kate Blue is the kind of hot European milf you've been waiting to see get naked. She takes her time, making sure to show off those delightful curves her clothing hints at. By the time she spreads her thighs, her meaty pussy is nice and wet.

Kate Blue in 'Blonde Beauty'

Kate Blue - Blonde Beauty

Beneath her flowy white dress, European bombshell Kate Blue is wearing a set of simple lingerie that accentuates her hot curves. This housewife enjoys stripping down for our cameras, especially when it comes time to heft her firm naturals and pet her pretty bald pussy until it fills up with sweet cream.

Kate Blue in 'Black Lace'

Kate Blue - Black Lace

Kate Blue is the kind of woman who would stop you in your tracks if she passed you by, but fortunately she's usually on the prowl and might just feel like taking you home. There's so much to discover beneath her classy outfits from her stockings and big boobs to her bare cunt.