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Karina Fox in 'Daytime Playtime'

Karina Fox - Daytime Playtime

Karina Fox has begun her playtime with a dildo that is making her feel good, but it's just the foreplay for a hardcore delight that involves plenty of oral sex before building up to the real deal. This cum loving mama enjoys plenty of positions before taking a mouthful of yummy cum.

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Karina Fox in 'It Ain't Easy Being a Small Titty Blogger'

Karina Fox - It Ain't Easy Being a Small Titty Blogger

The Internet is like the biggest distorting mirror out there. It is like the largest city ever to be built on a landfill. On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog or a one-armed bandit. On the Internet, anyone can be whoever they want: just lie, pretend, use the right filter. And what a shame when a random IRL suddenly exposes such a deception! The shame is so strong that the Internet dweller will be ready to do anything to make sure those skeletons stay in the closet…

Karina Fox in 'Smell of His Sweat Drove This Mommy Wild'

Karina Fox - Smell of His Sweat Drove This Mommy Wild

Biochemistry is a fascinating thing. In it, unlike classical inorganic chemistry, by mixing a couple of known components, we always run the risk of ending up with something totally unpredictable. Take, for example, regular human sweat. In fact, it is a simple aqueous solution of salts and some organic substances. Which ones? Fuck if I know. The only important thing is that it can act like a real aphrodisiac. Which, as a matter of fact, is EXACTLY what happened to the heroine of this story, who missed a strong young penis ...

Karina Fox in 'What is POV Oh, baby don't hurt me'

Karina Fox - What is POV Oh, baby don't hurt me

If the universe is really expanding, nothing in this world can stand still. Tastes change, fashions change. What's to say, even the language is changing. And in order to understand the intricacies and subtleties of fashion slang, the heroine of this story called the son of a neighbor to her place. The horny and lustful teenager, ready to do anything to get his cock deeper into the wet pussy of a mature lady...