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Farrah in 'Naughty Nymph'

Farrah - Naughty Nymph

When hot and horny cougar Farrah decides she wants to cum, there's nothing at all that can coax this British mommy into keeping her clothes on and her hands off the goods. She's just so eager that her nipples easily get diamond hard and twat fills to the brim with sweet juicy cream.

Farrah in 'Fun With Farrah'

Farrah - Fun With Farrah

Getting it on with toys is the new normal for Farrah as she navigates the life of a hotblooded lady who's flying solo. Not that she minds since she knows just what she needs to cum! Watch her demonstrate all over her big boobies and then her creamy cooch as she moans her way to climax.

Farrah in 'Busty Babe'

Farrah - Busty Babe

Busty milf Farrah is back on the market and she's looking fine as hell in her do me dress and red high heels. You know you'd do whatever this horny mommy told you to if it gave you a chance to jiggle those big breasts and replace the dildo she's shoved into her greedy cunt.

Farrah in 'Blonde Bombshell'

Farrah - Blonde Bombshell

We can't get enough of watching blonde bombshell Farrah strut her stuff in those tight leather pants as she works her shirt off. Once she starts stripping, you will want to bury your face between her DDs and then between her thighs as she shows you her incredible cougar body.

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Farrah in 'Opportunity Knocked, And Farrah Fucked'

Farrah - Opportunity Knocked, And Farrah Fucked

You know how sometimes, you'll be walking along, maybe on the street or at the mall, and you'll see a chick walking in your direction, and she's wearing a low-cut top, and her tits are pouring out of it, and on top of that, she's wearing a short skirt and fuck-me pumps? And then you'll check her out, give her the once over, the twice over and the three times over, practically undress her with your eyes, and she'll give you a look like, "Keep your eyes to yourself, perv"? And you're thinking, "What the fuck? You've got your goodies on display. Don't you want people to look?"