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Angelina Diamanti in 'Anilos' - The Right Touch

An evening gown highlights the tall and slender build that Angelina Diamanti is so proud of. Her tits are easy to enjoy in that tight-fitting outfit, but it's even better when she has discarded the dress and the thong. Nude, she gets cozy on the couch with her hand going to work on her pierced clit.

Released : January 28th, 2020
Tags : Big Boobs, Blonde, Fair Skin, High Heels, Long hair, Mini Skirt, Puffy Nipples, Shaved Pussy, Tall Girls, Thongs

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Angelina Diamanti in 'Deeper'

Angelina Diamanti - Deeper

Looking fine in an evening dress, Angelina Diamanti is ready to get naked at a moment's notice. Pulling her thong aside and then tugging her bra down, she gives us a peek at all her incredible assets. Once she grabs a toy, this mom won't stop masturbating until her cooch is pulsing with her climax.

Angelina Diamanti in 'Cum For You'

Angelina Diamanti - Cum For You

Angelina Diamanti is looking fine as hell as she models in a bra and thong. Squeezing her ass and then her big boobs, she warms herself up for the main event. By the time this horny housewife is naked with her fingers between her thighs, her bare cunt is dripping with the need to orgasm.

Angelina Diamanti in 'Bikini Babe'

Angelina Diamanti - Bikini Babe

Check out the way Angelina Diamanti fills out her bikini! This hot and horny mom is ready to rock your world as she peels off her bra and bottom right in the outdoors. From her puffy nips to her slippery wet bare pussy, this housewife is locked and loaded and ready to cum.

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Angelina Diamanti in 'The Neighbor'

Angelina Diamanti - The Neighbor

Angelina gives her neighbor a free show through a window. She then invites him in to be part of the action.

Angelina Diamanti in 'Intimate Squirting'

Angelina Diamanti - Intimate Squirting

Kyle rubs a powerful a vibrator on Angelina's pussy until she squirts all over. He slides his big dick into her wet pussy and makes her squirt over and over.

Angelina Diamanti in 'Squirting and Cumming'

Angelina Diamanti - Squirting and Cumming

Angelina squirts all over before getting her pussy repeatedly filled with cum.

Angelina Diamanti in 'I'm A Professional'

Angelina Diamanti - I'm A Professional

Angelina's husband would rather binge his favorite TV show than fuck her, and it's finally tipped her over the edge. When she finds a flyer for a professional cheater, she decides to give it a go. Keiran arrives and gives her the run down on how best to cheat and they head to the bedroom to start their fucking. Angelina's husband come home and interrupts them. Luckily for them, Keiran is a professional! He has Angelina answer the door and get rid of her husband while he fucks her from behind, a real classic move! Unfortunately, her husband is not so easy to get rid of. He enters the room and catches them in the act! Instead of being angry, he actually pays Keiran to fuck his wife in front of him! After a sloppy sex romp Keiran says adieu and leaves the happy couple behind.

Angelina Diamanti in 'Anal Experience'

Angelina Diamanti - Anal Experience

Angelina Diamanti is a newly single milf that needs to experience a hard dick in her ass.

Angelina Diamanti in 'Battle Royale'

Angelina Diamanti - Battle Royale

Angelina Diamanti is getting suited up with the Reality Kings team for a day of paintball, but she soon discovers that her biggest assets in the field to distract her opponents are her huge tits! Angelina strips down to her thong and takes out player after player, until Charles Dera gets her long, lean body in his sights! Angelina licks the barrel of his paintball gun, so Charles lets her suck his cock instead, then bends her over to fuck her doggystyle. Charles is vigilant enough to pound that pussy while watching out for more sneaky paintballers, but he decides to take a break so Angelina can ride his cock cowgirl. He busts a nut on Angelina's face, but she won't let Charles declare victory that easily!

Angelina Diamanti in 'Learning To Lounge And Lick'

Angelina Diamanti - Learning To Lounge And Lick

Teen Kayla Paris is a bit of a brat to her dad's new girlfriend, Angelina Diamanti, but that doesn't stop the gorgeous MILF from encouraging her new stepdaughter to get to know her better... starting by getting out her big tits and asking Kayla to help spread suntan oil over them! Kayla starts to warm to her new stepmom even more when Angelina eats her pussy by the pool, and soon, she's telling the sexy cougar just how she wants to be fingered and tongue-fucked! Angelina teaches Kayla to 69, and by the time these babes scissor and cum, the cute teen has definitely come around!

Angelina Diamanti in 'Tease Me Please Me'

Angelina Diamanti - Tease Me Please Me

Angelina Diamanti loves men and fantasy role playing. Lucky for her, she's found her niche pleasuring wealthy men. Her latest customer Bambino patiently awaits her, blindfolded and handcuffed to a chair in a dark bedroom. Angelina enters and hits the lights, then skips over to Bambino and removes his blindfold. She jumps up on the bed, performing a striptease for Bambino and teasing him with a lollipop before un-cuffing him and giving him the best blowjob of his life!

Angelina Diamanti in 'Tongue Is The New Cock'

Angelina Diamanti - Tongue Is The New Cock

Evelin Stone wants to see why her girlfriend, Angelina Diamanti, is taking so long in the bathroom, and it turns out Angelina is playing with her perfect, big tits in front of the mirror! That's Evelin's favorite thing to do, too, so she quickly joins her lover to caress her huge breasts and rub Angelina's pussy. These hot lesbians get naked and head to the bedroom where they can really play, tonguing each other's pussies and making each other cum. Angelina even licks Evelin's ass while fingering her! These hotties don't need cocks when they can bury their tongues in each other's pussies in a hot 69!

Angelina Diamanti in 'Pussy Hunting At The Beach'

Angelina Diamanti - Pussy Hunting At The Beach

JMac is scoping honeys at the beach when he spots a trio of hotties who look like they could use a big manly hand to rub some lotion on their backs. Two of the babes have boyfriends waiting back home, but big-titted brunette hottie Angelina from Dallas is single. She's more than ready to come home with JMac to get some good dick to make her vacation a bit more fun! This babe has incredible big tits that JMac can't wait to squeeze, and she gives an extremely hot blowjob before riding JMac's cock like a mechanical bull! Angelina takes every inch of that dick like a champ before heading back to the beach to give JMac the scoop on which of her besties to set his sights on next.