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Dafna May in 'Anilos' - Strip Tease

European housewife Dafna May is rocking a short skirt with hot colors, but beneath that she's hiding some lacy lingerie that will leave your mouth watering. Slowly unveiling herself one sheer article of clothing at a time, she eventually spreads her legs to give you a peek at bald pussy paradise.

Released : March 29th, 2020
Tags : Big Boobs, Blonde, Fair Skin, High Heels, Lingerie, Long hair, Puffy Nipples, Shaved Pussy, Short Girls, Stockings

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Dafna May in 'Dirty Fun'

Dafna May - Dirty Fun

Windblown housewife Dafna May has returned to get jiggy with her silver fox of a lover. Decked out in lingerie, she's a scrumptious sight who commands plenty of foreplay. Once she hops on the D, she can't wait to keep on fucking on her side, on her back, whatever it takes to make her creamy cunt hum.

Dafna May in 'Simply Sensual'

Dafna May - Simply Sensual

Tall and slim, with curves in all the right places, Dafna May is your milf dream come true. She isn't shy about her sensuality, so don't be surprised when she shows off her cute panties, full titties, and greedy cunt. As she starts stripping, you'll enjoy every inch of her lovely fuckable body.

Dafna May in 'Sexual Peak'

Dafna May - Sexual Peak

What would you do to get a snap of Dafna May showing off her bald snatch in just some fishnet stockings? This hot housewife is always up for a good time as long as it means she gets to cum. Stripping slowly, she cups her breasts, thumbs her big nipples, and runs her fingers down her slit.

Dafna May in 'Give You More'

Dafna May - Give You More

Do you like seeing Dafna May decked out in a sheer robe and white lingerie? This hot milf loved all the attention her tight figure earned her the first time around, so she couldn't wait to come back and show off her puffy nipples and sleek bald cunt just for you.

Dafna May in 'Cant Get Enough'

Dafna May - Cant Get Enough

We couldn't wait to bring stunning housewife Dafna May back. Dafna has returned with a little black dress and a need to make herself cum. Watch this hot mama disrobe as she shows off her firm titties and meaty bare twat on her way to a toy-fueled masturbation adventure.

Dafna May in 'Underneath Her Clothes'

Dafna May - Underneath Her Clothes

All natural hottie Dafna May is a European housewife who's got a stunning body she hides beneath her working clothes. If you ask nicely, she'll show you her secrets from her puffy nipples to her pert ass to her bald snatch that is dripping wet and ready for a pussy party.

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Dafna May - Naughty By Nature

Dafna May can't decide if she's naughty or nice, so she'll settle for a bit of both. Her lingerie and garter belt hug her curves as she gets on her knees to wave her ass around. This hot mom is ready to party as she gets naked and puts herself on display for your eyes only.

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Dafna May - Natural Beauty

Long and flowing outfits hug all of Dafna May's sweet curves as the milf settles in and shows off her surprise: hot lingerie that you'll want to get your hands and mouth all over. After showing off her bra and itty bitty thong, she continues stripping to reveal her puffy nipple titties and a smooth wet pussy.