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Jamie Ray in 'Anilos' - Sexy Jamie

After cleaning the kitchen, housewife Jamie Ray does a slow striptease out of her bra and panties. Her big boobs are tipped with incredible puffy nipples and her ass is made for squeezing. Kicking off her high heels, she hops on the counter to strike provocative poses that show off her shaved cunt.

Released : July 29th, 2018
Tags : Big Boobs, Puffy Nipples, Shaved Pussy, Short Girls, Blonde, Short hair, Fair Skin

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Check out Jamie Ray as she shows off her stunning lingerie! This hot and horny milf is ready to fuck, even if she has to masturbate to get there. Peeling off her bra and thong, she plays with her big breasts before grabbing a vibrator that satisfies the orgasmic needs of her greedy snatch.

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Jamie Ray - Hot Housewife

Hot and horny housewife Jamie Ray is back from her office job and ready to let loose. Her husband is out of town, so this short mom takes her pleasure into her own hands. As she prepares to masturbate, she peels off her clothes and cups her tits, squeezes her ass, and teases her meaty fuck hole.

Jamie Ray in 'Great Tits'

Jamie Ray - Great Tits

At 36, British housewife Jamie Ray still has some incredible big tits. The short-haired mom is happy to show off her best assets, but once she starts stripping she won't stop until her panties are on the ground and her hands have begun to roam her horny body, especially her nicely shaved cunt.

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Joseph Banks gets Jamie alone in the garage where the twink gets on his knees to service Joseph?s monster cock. Joseph is nice and hard when he flips Jamie over and face fucks the eager cock sucker. After a nice long session, Jamie sticks his ass in the air and lets Joseph plow him. Joseph keeps up the pace until his monster cock explodes all over Jamie?s used-up hole. Joseph fucks his jizz into the twink as Jamie moans out loving the final thrusts into his gaping ass.

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Jamie flagged down my cab looking to get to the nearest train station. She looked sexy as hell in her little black outfit, and just having her in the car was making me wet. She was on her way to work, so I made some small talk to pass the time. I was a little surprised when Jamie told me she worked in a sex club! I've always wanted to do sex work, so I asked if she thought I had what it takes. She rang her boss who said she should give me a "trial," so to speak! Well, I was already horny, so I pulled the cab over and tasted her pussy. She had a bag full of toys, so after I sucked her big tits and spanked her ass, I fucked her doggystyle with a thick strap on. One orgasm wasn't enough to prove my mettle, so when she took out the double ended dildo and two vibrators I knew exactly what I wanted to do for work from that day on.

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Jamie answered our advert, and came in looking quite elegant for her casting. The sultry brunette told me about some sex parties she'd been organizing with friends, so she was already in the business, and interested in expanding her work. We spoke a little business, and determined she liked women, watersports, and was okay with a cheeky tongue or a finger in her arse, but nothing bigger! I complimented her amazing arse, then asked her to strip down to her shoes and sexy stockings for me. Jamie masturbated like an expert, then let me finger her tight pussy and asshole before I fucked her. Such a sensual bird, and squirts like a water fountain! It was absolutely fantastic. I hope I get to see her again.

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This lady came to my window today and I thought she said, "can you take me where you took the others?" Then a few minutes into the ride, she told me she had a bone to pick with me, that I'm the dirty bastard who just fucked her stepdaughter! I tried to deny it was me, but she wasn't buying it, and even called me by my name. But it turned out this horny MILF wasn't angry at all: she just wanted some of the action for herself. I asked if she was a reporter or a cop, so she pulled out her big natural tits to prove she wasn't. I was thinking it over while she masturbated in the back, but what am I, some kind of saint? I found a place to park and made the dirty tart cum over and over again, pounding that posh ass of hers up against the slut hatch, before blowing my load all over her sexy glasses. She was so satisfied when we were done, that she said next time, she'd bring her stepdaughter along so we could all fuck together.