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Lenna in 'Anilos' - Kiss Me

There's sexy and then there's Lenna, a banging babe who can't wait to make your acquaintance. Her lacy getup is sheer and sexy, offering tantalizing peeks at her luscious curves. This busty stunner is a sweet treat who squeezes her big boobs and shows off her bare meaty twat as she undresses.

Released : September 3rd, 2021
Tags : Big Areolas, Big Boobs, Blonde, European, Lingerie, Long hair, Shaved Pussy, Solo, Tall Girls

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Lenna in 'Take Your Time'

Lenna - Take Your Time

It's easy to see why Lenna is such a popular model. She's got curves in all the right places, especially in the chest with her huge DDs! Throw a short skirt that hints at sheer panties in there, and you have a mouthwatering treat that only gets better as her clothes come off.

Lenna in 'Lusty Lenna'

Lenna - Lusty Lenna

How would you like to find a hottie like Lenna in your bed wearing your dress shirt and panties? This babe can't possibly keep her hands to herself as she squeezes her tits while releasing them from her bra. By the time her fingers start rubbing down her bare and meaty twat, she's slippery wet and eager to cum.

Lenna in 'Busty Beauty'

Lenna - Busty Beauty

Looking fine in her tight black clubbing getup, Lenna is a hot milf who just can't help but flirt with our camera as she works her way out of her clothes. She's got an incredible body, obviously dominated by her huge tits. When she spreads her thighs, you'll see that her meaty twat is wet and eager!