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Sharon White in 'Anilos' - I Deserve It

Cock loving milf Sharon White is ready to get her landing strip pussy pounded in a hardcore delight that won't stop until she's sated! Her boy toy watches her undress and then fucks her in a variety of positions until she's squealing the delight of one body shaking orgasm after another.

Released : May 7th, 2024
Tags :, Big Boobs, Blonde, European, Girl-Boy, Hardcore, Landing Strip Pussy, Long hair, Puffy Nipples, Tall Girls

Pictures from Sharon White in 'Anilos' I Deserve It

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Sharon White in 'White In Black'

Sharon White - White In Black

Whenever hot housewife Sharon White is feeling the urge to get a little handsy with herself, she goes ahead and gets naked so she can get it on. If you had tits like Sharon's, you'd want to get your hands on those puppies too! And why not grab a dildo to ride to climax at the same time?

Sharon White in 'Stay Gold'

Sharon White - Stay Gold

Getting fucked in the kitchen is a daydream of Sharon White's, but if this mama can't have the D she'll at least take her toy. The bigtit babe can't get her clothes off fast enough, but once her boobs are out there she takes it slow seducing herself with nipple pinches and a vibrator masturbation.

Sharon White in 'Dream'

Sharon White - Dream

Check out the way Sharon White's lingerie clings to the incredible curves this hot milf has on display. Blonde and beautiful, she barely needs an invitation to take off her lingerie and go to work on her big titties. A toy that works her clit and pussy together is all she needs to get off.

Sharon White in 'Anticipation'

Sharon White - Anticipation

Sharon White is the kind of housewife you'd love to come home to with her big tits, sleek body, and do me smiles. She's only too happy to get naked for you and put her hands to work rubbing her clit. You'll want to tune in and listen to her breathy moans as she takes herself over the top.

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Sharon White in 'White Hot Nights'

Sharon White - White Hot Nights

Horny blonde MILF looks so tasty in a matching pink bra and panty set. Sharon's big tits are bursting out and ready to bounce on Michael's dick, with her beautiful ass rising up to meet his cock to get him as deep as possible in her tight cunt.

Hanry Spunks in 'He Gives Me Everything - S45:E28'

Hanry Spunks - He Gives Me Everything - S45:E28

Sharon White and Hanry Spunks have been out on the town, but they've barely been able to make it back home before they're all over each other. Hanry goes right for the gold as he gets Sharon on her knees and lifts her miniskirt so he can bury his face in that ass and lick her pussy. Getting Sharon to a seated position, Hanry unveils Sharon's perfect jugs and buries his face between them.The couple moves to the couch, where Sharon springs Hanry's hardon free from his jean and goes to work blowing him. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucks and slurps to her heart's content. For his part, Hanry can't keep his mouth away from Sharon's creamy coochie as he eats her out yet again.They come together in a spooning position first, with Hanry kneading Sharon's breasts with each thrust. Then Sharon rolls to her knees to take Hanry from behind. Doing it in doggy brings him nice and deep, the perfect way for Sharon to moan her way to a big O.Pushing Hanry down onto his back, Sharon climbs on top of him. It's a simple thing for her to mount him in cowgirl and begin rocking her hips. Even better, her nips are at the perfect height for Hanry to suckle them when she leans forward.The couple ends things in reverse cowgirl. Sharon bounces away, her tits jiggling on every thrust. When she has finally spent her passion, she keeps on going until Hanry fills her with a creampie of his hot sticky love.

Sharon White in 'Blonde MILF Perfection'

Sharon White - Blonde MILF Perfection

Sharon White has a hot date tonight and is dressed for the occasion. A tight dress and red hot lingerie make her curves pop before slipping into something more comfortable. When she gets her big tits in Bangkok's mouth with his dick deep in her pussy, she's in heaven. Backing her big ass onto his cock until he cums all over her.

Sharon White in 'Stepmom Is Too Sexy - S20:E5'

Sharon White - Stepmom Is Too Sexy - S20:E5

Sharon White has a thing for her stepson, Jimmy Bud. He's been working out and those muscles are really starting to make Sharon hot. She begins dressing in increasingly sexy and revealing outfits designed to capture Jimmy's attention, but nothing is working.When Sharon resorts to taking Jimmy's sweaty shirt and sniffing it as she masturbates, she's not exactly holding the moan. Jimmy can't help but overhear. He comes out to see what's going on and suggests that his stepmommy can keep going if she wants. He'll even help with his hands on Sharon's tits and then sliding lower to rub her clit for her.Once Sharon has found her release, she kisses Jimmy for his efforts and then pins him to the couch, moving low to give him a nice BJ. She offers her big boobs for him to motorboat and worship as she rides his cock in cowgirl. When Jimmy puts Sharon on the couch, he licks her clean of their juices and then spoons behind her to fuck her again. A reverse cowgirl stiffie ride is next, followed by a doggy style pussy pounding. When Sharon is on her back with Jimmy buried inside her velvet glove, she finally reaches her last orgasm. Pulling out, Jimmy nuts on his stepmilf and then lets her suck him clean.

Sharon White in 'Creampied Perfect Pussy'

Sharon White - Creampied Perfect Pussy

Sharon looks breathtaking in white lingerie, sliding it off to show her perfect tits to Bangkok. Spreading her perfect tight pussy for him to tongue fuck before she gets on top, sliding his big dick balls deep into her. Slamming her cunt from the back she grips that dick until he blows his load into her.

Sharon White in 'Be careful with gym equipment or you'll get stuck!'

Sharon White - Be careful with gym equipment or you'll get stuck!

Sharon White was in great shape due to the fact that she was often going to the gym. She was working hard with gym equipment, and sometimes she was losing track of time, ending up all alone in the dark empty room! This is what happened that day. Sharon just finished her last exercise when she realized that her leg was stuck. The belt from the gym equipment was almost holding on to her like it didn't want to let such beauty escape. She was so tired that all her efforts to free herself were pointless.

Alex Spitter in 'The Best Laid Plans - S44:E8'

Alex Spitter - The Best Laid Plans - S44:E8

Sharon White and Diane Crystal are having some hot girl time. The two blondes have each chosen some sexy lingerie to wind up the other. Climbing on top of Sharon, Diane gets to work kissing and loving on her girlfriend. She starts at Sharon's neck and then begins working her way down.Sharon has just been relieved of her thong with Diane face deep in her pussy when they hear a noise. Sharon has just enough time to grab her thong and listen to the plan Diane whispers in her ear before Diane's husband, Alex Spitter, walks into the room. His shock at seeing the two girls in lingerie in bed grows into confusion when they yell surprise and act as though they've been waiting for him.Diane tells Alex that she's been wanting a threesome and that her friend Sharon has agreed! Although Alex wasn't expecting that, he can't hide his arousal at the idea that it's all set up and the girls are ready to party. He doesn't have a chance to really absorb the situation before both girls have crawled across the bed to work together in a double blonde blowjob.Pushing Alex into the bed, Sharon and Diane keep on sucking cock to their heart's content. Diane is the first to straddle Alex's hips and ride her hubby in cowgirl while Sharon kisses her girlfriend and rubs her clit. Then it's Sharon's turn to get the D as she gets on her knees with Alex doing her in doggy while she eats Diane out.Sharon continues to enjoy Alex's ministrations once they change things up. Cradled in Diane's arms, Sharon is splayed wide open for Alex to give it to her sweet and slow. Next, the ladies create a lesbian 69 with Sharon on the bottom and Diane on top. Diane is faced away from Alex, which lets him take her from behind as Sharon licks and sucks the cock and balls.The girls are still feeling the need to cum again, so they get on their knees side by side. Alex takes that pussy buffet and goes for broke, dipping his dick into each of them in turn. He keeps up his good work until both girls are finally sated, then lays down so they can work their magic on him until he nuts in their mouths.

Jayla De Angelis in 'What Secrets - S44:E6'

Jayla De Angelis - What Secrets - S44:E6

Jayla De Angelis and Sharon White are in the kitchen while their boyfriend Raul Costa hangs out in the living room. The girls are getting increasingly flirty as they wait for their food to cook. Sharon finds herself with Jayla sucking her nipples. Of course, she can't let that advance go unanswered.Turning Jayla around, Sharon drops to her knees and tugs her girlfriend's shorts down. She buries her face between Jayla's ass cheeks to lap at the chocolate starfish and lower to drink her love's pussy juices. When Raul turns around to chat with Jayla, Jayla does her best to hold the moan as her hidden love eats her out.Raul knows something is up and he wants in on the action. The girls are only too happy to oblige. They relocate to the couch, where they kneel on either side of Raul and lick and suck one another's nipples. Pulling Raul's hardon out of his pants, the girls share that fuck stick in an enthusiastic double blowjob.Jayla gets to enjoy Raul's hardon first in the most intimate of ways. She climbs into his lap and sinks down until she's fully impaled on his fuck stick. Rocking her hips, Jayla goes for a sensual stiffie ride while Sharon works on Raul's balls.Laying down on the couch, Sharon moans nice and loud as Raul kneels between her thighs and sinks deep into her velvet glove. Sharon's pleasure only grows as Jayla positions her snatch right above her mouth. She licks and moans as she gives and receives pure sensual delight.Taking a seat, Raul helps guide Jayla back down onto his cock. She rides him in reverse cowgirl this time with Sharon rubbing her clit. When Sharon gets the D again, this time with Raul spooning behind her, Jayla sucks her toes and rubs her feet while hitting all her erogenous zones.Jayla finally gets her turn in the middle when Raul comes into her from behind. Munching on Sharon's puss as she takes it in doggy, Jayla makes sure her moans are transferred right to Sharon. Finally sated, the girls get on their knees and help Raul blow his load in their mouths so they can share cummy kisses to end their threesome.

Sharon White in 'February 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S4:E3'

Sharon White - February 2023 Fantasy Of The Month - S4:E3

Sharon White is the Nubile Films February 2023 Flavor of the Month, and we couldn't have picked a hotter lady. Laying in bed dressed for seduction, she waits for Renato to join her. When Renato shows up in the doorway with a red rose, Sharon can't contain her smile of satisfaction.Drawing Sharon in for a kiss, Renato samples her lips and then moves on down to her neck. His hands busy themselves cupping Sharon's breasts and kneading those soft globes. Relieving Sharon of her bra, Renato gives the tits a squeeze and then slides his hand lower to cup the heat of Sharon's pussy beneath her thong.Using that hand to guide Sharon into a prone position, Renato comes around her body. He kneels between her thighs and then slides her thong aside to access the heart of her pleasure. Flicking his tongue out, Renato goes to work lapping at Sharon's clit and driving his tongue into her twat. His fingers join in on the fun, leaving Sharon with her eyes closed and her head back as she moans.Sharon could let Renato eat her out all day, but she has other plans on her agenda. Getting to her knees, Sharon kneels before her boyfriend and takes his cock in hand. Drawing it close, she opens wide for a languorous blowjob. She sucks Renato down to her heart's content and then lays him on the bed to take even more pleasure.Straddling Renato's hips puts Sharon's twat in just the right spot for carnal bliss. She slides down in reverse cowgirl, letting Renato palm that ass as she rides him. Then she turns around so Renato can watch her landing strip snatch eat his dick as she gives it to him in cowgirl.Rolling onto her back with Renato between her thighs, Sharon welcomes his kisses and then his fuck stick. Pinned in the hottest way possible, Sharon splays herself wide open for Renato to really give it to her. She winds up on her side with Renato spooned behind her, rubbing her clit as he fucks her deeper.They finish with Sharon on her hands and knees taking Renato in doggy. He makes sure that Sharon cums one last time. Then he pulls out, using his hand to finish his own pleasure all over Sharon's bottom.

Sharon White in 'A Busty Bath - S17:E11'

Sharon White - A Busty Bath - S17:E11

Sharon White loves her lingerie and silky robe. She also loves her baths. When she can combine all of the above, she knows it's going to be a very good night indeed, even when she's on her own. Admiring herself in the mirror, she slips the robe down and then lets the sheer bra and thong follow suit. When she's finally nude, she slips into the tub.There are plenty of bubbles for Sharon to rub all over her tight body. From her enhanced titties to her toes, she's soon nice and sudsy. The slippery skin makes it easy for her to glide her palms wherever her fancy takes her as she warms herself up.Just as things are getting nice and heated, Raul Costa joins Sharon in the bathroom. He rubs her neck and shoulders, then captures Sharon's lips in a kiss as he moves lower. Those tender breasts have been waiting for the feel of Raul's big hands as he kneads and squeezes them. Sharon's pussy is equally primed for Raul's touch.Getting on her knees in the tub, Sharon brings the party to Raul by pulling his stiffie from his pants. Opening nice and wide, she sucks him down and then runs her hand up and down the shaft. Her invitation for Raul to join her in the bath and fuck her in doggy is one that Raul is happy to take up.Relocating to the bedroom for added comfort, the couple really takes their time with one another. Raul goes back to work on Sharon's tender breasts as he worships each nipple. Then he hooks his arm around Sharon's thigh to hold it out of the way and open her pussy for a feast.Turning onto her side, Sharon moans in delight as Raul spoons behind her and goes deep. He gets even deeper when Sharon rolls onto her back and lets Raul pump her nice and full of the D. Her big tittes bounce with every stroke of Raul's dick, doubling down the delight for them both.When Raul lays down on his back, Sharon is quick to take over. She crawls on top of him and sinks down until she's fully impaled on his stiffie. The gentle motion of their ocean is just the perfect way to get Sharon moaning as Raul plays stud to her tight twat. He hangs on as she bounces that booty in reverse cowgirl, enjoying the last climax of the day.Sharon isn't about to leave Raul unsatisfied now that he has made her feel so good! Getting on her knees, she delivers a handy to bring him that last little bit over the edge. Propping her boobs up to create a landing spot, Sharon jerks Raul to orgasm and then smiles at the mess they both made.

Sharon White in 'Who Wants To Play - S42:E14'

Sharon White - Who Wants To Play - S42:E14

Sharon White and Silvia Buntarka are cam girling it up. They've discovered that the more is the merrier when it comes to getting views. Dressed in lingerie bras and thongs, the girls start the camera rolling and begin their show. From licking each other's tits to eating each other out, there's nothing left on the table for their viewers.Sharon has just dived face first into Silvia's pussy when Silvia's boyfriend, Thomas Stone, arrives. He sees what's happening and decides he wants to join on in. The girls are happy enough to have him! Silvia gets to enjoy Thomas's tongue first as he rolls her onto her back and lays down on his belly between her thighs to eat her out. Knowing it'll be her turn soon enough, Sharon is happy to cradle Silvia against her firm breasts as her friend gets brought to a moaning climax.Thomas gets on his knees once he has left Silvia breathless, which puts his dick at the perfect height for the girls to play with. They're eager to deliver, getting down and opening wide to lick along the length of Thomas's shaft and suck him down nice and deep. The double BJ continues when Thomas lays down on his back so that his hardon can stand proudly above him.Since Thomas is already prone, Silvia climbs back onto his dick and begins rocking her hips to ride him. Meanwhile, Sharon gets right up there on Thomas's face so he can wrap his hands around her hips to squeeze her ass as he eats her. When Silvia slides off and puts her feet to work stroking Thomas's hardon, Sharon quickly leans in to lick the tip for the camera to create a BJ and foot job at the same time.Sharon finds herself on her back next. Spreading her thighs, she welcomes Thomas into her velvet glove with a low moan of delight. Silvia muffles that moan with a deep kiss, then climbs aboard Sharon's tongue so that her friend can feast on her twat even as Thomas fucks her with long deep strokes. When Sharon flips onto her knees so Thomas can do her from behind, Silvia also adjusts her position onto her back so that Sharon can continue eating her out.Silvia takes one last turn with Thomas's fuck stick when Thomas gets on his back and pulls her on top of him. Sharon is there to help insert Thomas's dick into Silvia's snatch while Thomas and Silvia swap spit. From there, it's a matter of each of them flexing their hips for the ultimate pleasure.When Thomas has finally played stud to both lovely ladies, he gets to his feet to take his pleasure. Silvia and Sharon knee below Thomas, mouths open. Thomas carefully delivers his cum shot into each of their mouths, giving each of them a treat to swallow. With cum still dripping down their chins, the girls exchange one last kiss for the camera to wrap their stream.

Sharon White in 'Stepsons Sticky Socks - S17:E6'

Sharon White - Stepsons Sticky Socks - S17:E6

Sharon White is doing laundry, but when she goes to her stepson's bedroom to grab his clothes she realizes that his socks are sticky and full of cum. She could let it go, but instead Sharon decides to confront Raul Costa. She waits until Raul is at home and then comes to his door. Raul is in the middle of masturbating with yet another sock and some porn when Sharon walks in. Raul tries to kick Sharon out and tell her that she's not his mother, but that's kind of the point. Sharon tells Raul that she has a better place for his cum.Reaching out to pull the comforter back, Sharon pops Raul's hardon out from where he has attempted to hide himself. She tugs the sock off and then pulls Raul's hardon nice and close so she can open wide and start sucking. Seeing his hot stepmommy on her knees with his cock in her mouth is about the hottest turnon imaginable for Raul, who can't find it in himself to tell her to stop. When Sharon rolls onto her back and tugs her thong aside so Raul can eat her timed twat out, he demonstrates that he is an obedient stepson and dives face first into her muff.Sharon wants Raul to fuck her and she's not about to take no for an answer. Fortunately, she doesn't have to beg too hard before Raul lifts her thigh out of the way to open her up so he can shove himself into her greedy cooch. In return, Sharon gets Raul onto his back so she can ride him in cowgirl with her enhanced titties swaying in his face. Turning around, she continues to go for it in reverse cowgirl. Raul keeps their party going by giving it to his step mom in cowgirl, but by the time he brings Sharon off again he's ready to nut. That's just what Sharon wants! Laying on her back, she opens wide to take a facial of Raul's big pop.

Sharon White in 'Lingerie And Roses - S15:E2'

Sharon White - Lingerie And Roses - S15:E2

Valentine's Day is a time of seduction, and Sharon White is ready to go for it. She dons some sheer red lingerie and grabs a red rose, the perfect tools to really show off her curves while giving her a way to get her own party started. Waiting for Raul Costa to join her in the bedroom is a treat for Sharon as she runs those butter soft rose petals over her tender skin, from her inner thighs to the V created by her lingerie.When Raul finally joins Sharon, he doesn't devour her as some men might. Instead, he takes his time, letting Sharon show him what she likes between their searing kisses. When Raul gradually takes over Sharon's pleasure, reliving her of the rose and using that and his fingertips and lips to bring her pleasure higher, Sharon is only too happy to surrender.Raul takes his time, indulging in Sharon's big breasts until her nipples are nice and tight, then working lower. Sharon's thighs fall apart as Raul settles between them, making it easy for him to lap and fondle at her clit. He hits just the right spot, as Sharon demonstrates when she reaches down and uses her fingers to keep him right where he is until her panting sighs indicate the first of her Valentine's orgasms.Curling up behind Sharon to spoon with her, Raul finds his girlfriend nice and wet to take him in. His dick slides home slowly but surely, filling Sharon with those sweet inches as she rubs her own clit. Their spooning sex is nice and easy, with Sharon getting on her knees to suckle her own juices from Raul's cock as they part to change it up. She continues to lovingly suck that dick as Raul gets onto his knees through when he takes a seat on the couch.Swinging one leg over Raul's hips to straddle him, Sharon sinks down on that thick chub and lets her head fall back in delight. Her reverse cowgirl ride lets her rub her own clitoris again, but when she turns around things get even better. That's the point when Sharon sheds her lingerie and lets those big boobies jiggle with every bounce, right in front of Raul's face. Of course he reaches to sneak in some licks and nibbles as Sharon gently guides him backwards on the couch.Raul isn't about to take this lying down. He flips Sharon over and pushes her thighs open so that he can kneel between them and reenter her. That velvet glove is nice and tight, with just the right amount of pussy juices to help him glide in and out for mutually delightful friction.Rolling onto her hands and knees, Sharon offers herself to Raul one more time. He takes the gift he's being given, anchoring his hands on Sharon's big ass and using that leverage to go nice and deep. He leaves Sharon twitching and whimpering in delight, then pulls out so that Sharon can turn around and push those boobs together for a titty fuck. That gets Raul nearly there, with Sharon taking him the rest of the way with a blowjob. Cum dripping from her incredible boobs, Sharon rubs Raul's cock in his own jizz and enjoys the feeling of velvet steel making her even messier.

Sharon White in 'Leave your panties at home if you want money!'

Sharon White - Leave your panties at home if you want money!

Today I had to deal with a legitimately confident girl. Like any other chick blessed with good looks and great body, she wanted to become rich and famous. That's the reason why she needed a lot of money to shoot a music video. More often than not, chicks like that are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to achieve their goals. She was not afraid of getting in debt or going all out… The slut dropped the pen to make the manager notice that she's going commando! After initial shock, the guy started hungrily munching on that cunt. Confident girls always get what they want!

Sharon White in 'Sharon White, The Handmaid's Tale'

Sharon White - Sharon White, The Handmaid's Tale

Blonde, big tits and a spectacular body too, Sharon White looks incredible in uniform in Private Specials, Playful Maids and with studs Alberto Blanco and Potro in the house, she decides it's time to clean some cock too! Watch this spectacular girl in action on as she teases and lures in both men with her beautiful ass before treating them to a couple of sloppy deepthroat blowjobs. Then enjoy the sight of Sharon getting fucked as she takes turns satisfying both cocks with some pussy and anal action all the way to a couple of facials.

Sharon White in 'Sharon White, Down to Fuck'

Sharon White - Sharon White, Down to Fuck

Its first date time for Sharon White and Alberto Blanco in Private Specials, Horny Beauties and after breaking the ice this hot couple waste no time removing their masks and getting down to business. Sharon looks amazing in her sexy black lingerie and soon enough she's down on her knees for a mouthful of cock before bending over and offering up her pussy for a taste. Then watch this big titted blonde star in action on as she goes on to enjoy the fuck of a life time that will finish up with a hot a facial.

Sharon White in 'Dont Stop - S40:E10'

Sharon White - Dont Stop - S40:E10

Raul Costa is on a business meeting with his boss, but his girlfriend Sharon White is just so bored. She wants Raul's attention, but he just keeps shooing her away. Eventually, Sharon decides to bring out the big guns. Climbing off the couch, she gets right into Raul's line of sight and flaunts her delightful body. Raul is obviously interested, but he still resists the allure of his hot girlfriend.Sharon isn't about to be thwarted. She leaves the room and returns in nothing but some sexy lingerie. This time, Sharon doesn't wait for Raul's approval. She gets down on her knees out of the camera's field of view and crawls to Raul's lap. He's oh so hard as she tuns his pants down, making it a challenge Sharon is willing to accept to deep throat his big dick. Raul has no choice but to conclude his meeting while attempting to hold the moan with his girlfriend sucking him like it's her full time job.The second Raul's meeting concludes, Raul is out of his chair like a rocket. He lets Sharon enjoy his fuck stick as he towers over her, but soon enough he hauls her back to the couch to really have his way with her. Starting with her full breasts and hard nipples, Raul enjoys a feast fit for a king as he samples the goods from Sharon's tits and works his way lower to the sweet musk between her thighs. Sharon helps him out, pulling her thighs back to open herself for his pussy feast.When Raul pulls back from eating his love out, he fists his shaft to guide himself into her creamy twat. This is the moment Sharon has been waiting for, and she lets her head fall back with a long moan. Looking up, she locks eyes with Raul as she urges him to keep on pumping into her, a missive to which he's happy to give in.Sharon eventually gets off the back of the couch and rolls onto her hands and knees. Wiggling her bottom, she invites Raul back inside. He takes her up on it, driving deep into her velvet glove. Sharon can't get enough, rocking back to meet each of Raul's strokes as she indulges in the sensual delight.Sharon's next position is on her side with Raul spooning behind her. The position lets him go for it nice and hard, delivering deep thrusts that bring Sharon to the brink. It's also brilliant for letting Raul resume sucking those titties, much to Sharon's excitement.After a brief interlude where she sucks her own juices from Raul's cock, Sharon finally gets to indulge in a stiffie ride. She begins in reverse cowgirl, then turns around. The new position lets Raul squeeze that ass as she keeps on bouncing away. Sharon sets a breakneck pace, only disengaging from Raul a moment before he blows his load all over her twat and bottom.

Bonnie Dolce in 'Sharing My New Boyfriend With My Stepmom - S16:E6'

Bonnie Dolce - Sharing My New Boyfriend With My Stepmom - S16:E6

Bonnie Dolce has brought her boyfriend, Nikki Nutz, to meet her stepmother, Sharon White. Bonnie and Sharon have a tumultuous relationship. Bonnie is constantly cycling her guys out, and Sharon is always trying to fuck them despite being married to Bonnie's dad. Today is no different. When Sharon discovers that Nikki doesn't speak Hungarian, she takes the opportunity to quiz Bonnie about all kinds of things, from the size of Nikki's dick to the way he licks her pussy. The trio settles in to watch some TV together, but in reality Sharon spends her time making a move on Nikki with her feet. Inching closer, Sharon reaches under the blanket and starts stroking Nikki's hard cock. When Bonnie reaches under the blanket to do the same, she is horrified to realize stepmommy has gotten there first.Sharon tries to defend herself that her husband hasn't been home in three weeks, but Bonnie isn't buying it. When Sharon says she'll tell Nikki he's the third guy this week, Bonnie comes back that she'll tell her dad about Sharon's infidelity. Eventually they make a deal that they will both keep the other's secret and share Nikki. Although Nikki is not able to follow the conversation, he is very aware of what's happening when both ladies suddenly stop talking and start pawing at him. A hot second later, Bonnie has Nikki's dick in her mouth while Sharon sucks his balls. The girls take turns, sharing oh so nicely. Sharon graciously even lets Bonnie get naked and climb onto Nikkie's fuck stick for the first ride as Bonnie rubs her clit.Sharon gets to enjoy Nikki next, bouncing away on his hardon. Since Bonnie is already naked, she hops onto the top of the couch so that Sharon can finger her greedy puss and then lean in for a full on feast. When it's once again Bonnie's turn to enjoy Nikki's cock, she finds herself on her back with Nikki buried between her thighs and Sharon riding her mouth. That position lets Nikki motorboat Sharon's fine ass titties as he keeps Bonnie's party going. Sharon takes her turn in the middle on her hands and knees with Nikki giving it to her in doggy and her mouth staying busy lapping away at Bonnie's juicy snatch. Finally sated, the girls continue their pledge to share Nikki as they work together to blow him until he pops into their waiting open mouths.

Sharon White in 'Woman in White'

Sharon White - Woman in White

Hungarian hottie Sharon peels off a skin-tight white dress to reveal some sexy lingerie and her big boobs! This cumslut goes to work on Bangkok's dick with her mouth and tight pussy, aching for him to fill her up with cum.

Sharon White in 'Sharon White, Big Titted Bartender'

Sharon White - Sharon White, Big Titted Bartender

Private Specials, Off Duty Therapist has the pleasure of introducing you to Sharon White, an absolute stunner with big tits and a perfect body that has come to for her debut and this is one hot scene you won't want to miss! After John Syx has a nasty fall at the bar, Sharon cheers him up with the taste of her sweet pussy and a nice blowjob, then watch and enjoy this sexy blonde go to town as she gets on all fours before riding her man back to front and finishing the night off with a facial cumshot.

Murgur in 'Party Of Two - S38:E29'

Murgur - Party Of Two - S38:E29

Sharon White and Murgur have a date sharing a romantic meal, complete with bubbly. Their dinner takes a more sensual turn when Sharon hikes up her miniskirt and peels her panties off. Spreading herself wide open, she offers Murgur a much nicer feast than the food on their plates.Murgur doesn't hesitate to take Sharon up on her sumptuous offer. She accepts his kiss, then leans forward to shift her titties towards Murgur's mouth. He is voracious as he feasts on those perfect gloves. When Murgur slides lower to deliver openmouthed kisses to her snatch, Sharon guides his tongue with her eager hands. Soon enough, Murgur is indulging in a combo pussy fingering and feast.Not to be outdone, Sharon pulls Murgur to his feet and unzips his pants to pop out his stiffie. Sinking to her knees, she devours the D. Her hand strokes the root and cups the balls as she indulges in her rock hard lollipop.Sharon only stops sucking when she is ready to fuck. She shimmies out of her dress, kicks off her heels, and gets to her feet. Turning around so that she is supported by the mantle, Sharon invites Murgur to take her in a standing fuck. He slides home so easily, gliding into that greedy wet snatch as he pounds away for both of their deep pleasure.Just one position can't possibly satisfy these two cum hungry lovers. They disengage long enough for Murgur to take a seat and pull Sharon down into his lap. She adjusts her hips until she's fully impaled on Murgur's dick, the perfect place to kick start a titty bouncing ride. Turning around, she plants her feet on Murgur's knees so he can thrust up to keep both their parties going.When Sharon takes Murgur's place on the chair and kneels with her bottom wiggling in an enticing way, Murgur is quick to tap that. Anchoring his hands on Sharon's hips, he kicks off a proper pussy pounding. For her part, it's all Sharon can do to hang on for the ride and moan her way to a big O as she watches herself getting fucked in the mirror. Sharon still has one more climax left in her as she rolls onto her bottom on the chair. They take the pace down a notch, with Murgur giving it to Sharon slow and steady. As Murgur keeps their party going and feels up her titties, Sharon slides her hand between her thighs to rub her clit for one last glimpse of paradise. As she comes down from her bliss, she slides back onto her knees to resume her blowjob until Murgur blows his load into her waiting open mouth.

Sharon White in 'I Saw My Stepmom Masturbating - S15:E6'

Sharon White - I Saw My Stepmom Masturbating - S15:E6

Sam Bourne is visiting his dad, who recently remarried and moved overseas. When Sam arrives, he's not pleased that his dad tells him he has to go to work and leaves him alone with his stranger of a stepmom. He and Sharon White don't even speak the same language! Sharon doesn't let the language barrier get in her way. Once her husband is gone, she puts on a slinky robe and walks into the living room where Sam is brooding. She totally ignores him as she puts some lesbian porn on the TV and then grabs a vibrator to press to her own pussy. When Sharon finally does notice Sam staring, she makes it clear that he's invited to the party. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but Sam finally lets his new stepmommy put his hands on her big boobs. When Sam has had a nice squeeze of the girls, Sharon takes his hand and leads him to the couch so they can indulge in some mutual masturbation. The porn keeps playing in the background as Sharon opens wide and starts sucking Sam off. Then she climbs onto his lap and shoves her tits in his face as she rides his hard dick.Leaning back on the couch, Sharon pulls Sam down until his mouth hits her twat. He is obedient to his stepmom's whims as he eats her out. Then he peels off the last of his clothes and sticks it into her nicely trimmed snatch. They wind up spooning together as Sam shows his new stepmom that he knows how to use his fine dick. Then Sam sits up so Sharon can resume riding him. When Sharon gets on her knees and invites Sam back inside, he gives it to her in doggy until she's moaning with a way better climax than her vibrator could give her. Since Sam has done such a good job, Sharon gives him a handie and BJ that leaves him poised to bust a nut. When Sam does cum, Sharon aims the load at her big boobs for the ultimate jizz landing pad.

Murgur in 'Gift Of Love - S38:E16'

Murgur - Gift Of Love - S38:E16

Murgur is lucky enough to have not one, but two hot girls eager to please him and each other. Sharan White and Sarah Cute are oh so happy to be part of a thruple. When Murgur gifts each girl a nice set of lingerie, they can't wait to try it on. Looking fine and fuckable, they return to the living room decked out in bras and thongs. They put on quite a show for Murgur, feeling each other up for his pleasure and theirs before they rejoin him on the couch.Flanking Murgur on either side, the girls relieve him of his pants, His hardon springs free, and the girls don't hesitate to start stroking. Sarah is the first to dip her head and start sucking Murgur's dick. Sharon is right behind Sarah, eagerly taking her turn at a blowjob while Sarah continues licking the shaft and sucking the balls.Although Murgur sure does enjoy looking at the girls in the lingerie he bought them, he likes them even better naked. He takes his time lapping away at Sharon's hard nipples alongside Sarah. Then Sarah takes her turn in the middle so that Murgur and Sharon can help her out of her bra. When the girls are down to their thongs, Sharon climbs on top of Sarah to create a pussy sandwich for Murgur to uncover and enjoy.As Murgur laps at Sharon's twat, Sharon suckles Sarah's firm breasts and hard nipples. Eventually, Sarah scoots backwards so that Sharon can feast on her greedy snatch as Murgur continues his oral explorations. When Murgur straightens, he guides his hardon into Sharon's juicy fuck hole and sinks balls deep into that sweet glove.When Murgur takes a seat on the sofa, Sarah finally gets her turn to enjoy the dick. She slides down easily with her dripping twat encasing Murgur's fuck stick. Sharon gets nice and close so that Sarah can kiss her deeply while fondling her breasts. Then Sharon leans back, allowing Sarah to lick and finger her snatch.Sharon gets to enjoy another round of pussy pounding as she lays on her back with Murgur buried between her thighs. Sarah does whatever she can to double down on Sharon's pleasure, dropping kisses on her lips and breasts and laving her tongue across Sharon's nipples. Eventually, Sarah climbs atop Sharon's face to enjoy a ride on Sharon's tongue as Murgur continues to dive deep.Sharon's tongue leaves Sarah nice and moist for Murgur when he resumes his seat on the couch and pulls Sarah back onto his dick. This time, Sarah rides in reverse cowgirl. She bounces away with Sharon's tongue teasing her nipples to hard points and Sharon's fingers teasing her clit. When Sarah has exploded in orgasmic bliss, Sharon climbs onto Murgur's ramrod and rides him until he gluts her with a creampie. Sarah doesn't want to waste a single drop of that salty treat. She licks the cum right out of Sharon's pussy and then laps at the puddle on Murgur's pelvis where it has dripped free.