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Seraphina,Zara in 'Anilos' - Hardcore

Back for another round of hardcore fun, Seraphina has invited Zara to play with her. They start out perfectly professional, but it's not long before Seraphina has started stripping her lover down. Burying her face and fingers between Zara's thighs, Seraphina gives as good as she gets in a mature lesbian fuck fest.

Released : May 6th, 2020
Tags : Big Boobs, Black Hair, Blonde, Bras, Fair Skin, Hardcore, High Heels, Long hair, Masturbation, Panties, Puffy Nipples, Shaved Pussy, Short Girls, Tall Girls, Toys

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Casey in 'Hardcore'

Casey - Hardcore

Yummy mama Seraphina has a new girlfriend to woo. They get acquainted outside, but eventually they relocate inside the house. This cock craving milf isn't shy about feasting on her lover's pussy and feeling up her clit. Wait until you see the way Seraphina wields a vibrator and then takes the toy deep inside in return!

Seraphina in 'Hardcore'

Seraphina - Hardcore

Lusty Seraphina is back for a hardcore spectacular as the milf in red leads her one night stand to the bedroom. She sucks him off as she reveals her sheer lingerie! After a lusty 69, she climbs on her man's stiffie for a tit bouncing ride that kicks off a raunchy lovemaking session with plenty of climaxes.

Seraphina in 'Wet Dreaming'

Seraphina - Wet Dreaming

Waking up in the morning, Seraphina is always in the mood to cum. She peels off her nightie and then her bra and underwear. Nude, she rolls around in bed as her hands explore her lush mature curves from her busty titties to her always wet bare fuck hole.

Seraphina in 'Morning Masturbation'

Seraphina - Morning Masturbation

Mature mom Seraphina is just a delight as she poses for our cameras. She's all smiles at the idea of getting naked and masturbating for her admirers. Neglected by her husband and always lonely and horny, she's excited to live out her sexual fantasies by masturbating her dripping bald cunt for your enjoyment.

Seraphina in 'In The Mood'

Seraphina - In The Mood

Hot and horny, Seraphina tries losing herself in a book but all she succeeds at doing is getting more turned on! Her husband is away, so nothing is stopping this milf from playing. Her tan lines are scrumptious as she strips down and slides her hands down to fondle her bald twat.

Seraphina in 'All Natural Beauty'

Seraphina - All Natural Beauty

Seraphina and her big boobs are all natural! You're sure to love the way she flaunts a sheer slip as she putters in the kitchen. Her nips are a perfect mouthful and her slim waist invites you to take a taste of the sweet delight between her thighs. She'll show you how she likes to masturbate!

Zara in 'Hardcore'

Zara - Hardcore

You won't want to miss the fun as Zara shows us what she likes to do when she brings a guy home to play! Once she's undressed, this bangin' blonde loves sucking cock and getting her greedy cunt fucked as she rides a hard cock or gets a doggy style pussy pounding until she cums again and again.

Zara in 'Toy Time'

Zara - Toy Time

We can't get enough of hot and horny Zara, whose inhibitions just don't exist. She keeps a hard dildo right in her purse for emergency masturbation sessions. Watch her play with her toy as she warms herself up, then use it to fill her tight bald cunt right to the brim.

Zara in 'Pinup Pretty'

Zara - Pinup Pretty

It's laundry day for Zara, and this horny housewife kills two birds with one stone by throwing all her clothes into the machine so she's down to her bra and stockings. That makes it simple to spread her thighs and fondle her cock craving bald pussy until she's wet and ready to play.

Zara in 'Glamour Babe'

Zara - Glamour Babe

Stunning in a hot red dress, Zara is fucking gorgeous, and she knows it. Instead of going out on a date, she decides to stay in and make love to herself by slipping out of her evening gown, bra, and panties so she can slide her fingers knuckle deep into her slippery snatch.

Zara in 'Classic Beauty'

Zara - Classic Beauty

Everyone Zara meets is a little in love with her wild blonde hair and total pinup body. This horny mommy is yours to claim if you catch her in the act of fondling her clit and playing with her titties. She's locked and loaded to be a wildcat in the sack just for you!