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Malusha in 'Anilos' - Grace

Graceful and still fit even as she enters her 50s, Malusha is exactly the kind of cougar you'll want to go after because you know she's a sure thing if she thinks you'll make her cum. She's got a nice body and super puffy lips, and a bare cunt that creams all over her vibrating toy.

Released : May 14th, 2024
Tags :, Big Boobs, Blonde, Long hair, Masturbation, Shaved Pussy, Solo, Thongs, Toys

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Malusha in 'Going Deep'

Malusha - Going Deep

Malusha is a woman of many faces, but tonight she's gone full vixen with her sultry makeup and lingerie. She was hoping to bring someone home to help her make her pussy clench, but instead she's on her own with just a toy to make her moan as she shoves it nice and deep.

Malusha in 'Down To Business'

Malusha - Down To Business

When Malusha goes to work wearing her glasses and conservative clothing, you would never know that beneath her prim getup is the heart of an absolute sex fiend. She's just stunning as she starts peeling her clothes off and gets down on the floor to caress down her big boobs and bald snatch.

Malusha in 'All For You'

Malusha - All For You

Dolled up with a leather miniskirt and lipstick that really highlights her puffy lips, cougar babe Malusha looks good enough to eat. This cock loving housewife has got it all: Looks, experience, a body that won't quit, and of course plenty of flexibility that she's worked hard to maintain for fun times.

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Malusha in 'Hardcore'

Malusha - Hardcore

Nubile babe fucks her lover while wearing sexy stockings then sucks him off.