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Lacerta in 'Anilos' - Foxy

Czech babe Lacerta is ready and willing to show off her lovely curves, from her nice all naturals and puffy areolas to the way her creamy pussy is already wet and ready for a good time. This milf is eager to show herself off on camera, especially if it means she gets to make herself cum!

Released : April 24th, 2024
Tags :, Blonde, European, Lingerie, Long hair, Medium Boobs, Shaved Pussy, Solo, Thongs

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Lacerta in 'Thigh High Nets'

Lacerta - Thigh High Nets

You may make the mistake of thinking Lacerta is a proper lady if she passes you by on the streets, but the minute this horny mama gets home her clothes start coming off and her hands start getting busy. She loves to feel herself up, especially when her nipples get nice and hard and her cunt drips with passion.

Lacerta in 'Sunshine'

Lacerta - Sunshine

Incredibly sexy in a red getup that shows off her bra and thong, Lacerta is looking good enough to eat out. This fair skinned babe is just incredible in her black lingerie and high heels. As she spreads her thighs to show off her cream filled cooch, you'll see that she's ready and eager for a pussy party.

Lacerta in 'Green Lace'

Lacerta - Green Lace

It's always time for a good fuck for Lacerta, and immediately after a long day at the office is no exception for the passion this hottie feels. Once she's in bed she takes her time getting naked as she lets her talented fingers caress her lovely body. Nipples hard and pussy wet, she can't wait to moan.