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Emerald in 'Anilos' - Emerald Queen

Stunning in a shirt, garters, and thongs that all resemble her name, Emerald is a cougar on a mission to get her sex on whether it's with her fingers or a toy. She'd love to show you that women are never too old to play games as she demonstrates all the ways to use her vibrating dildo.

Released : February 11th, 2024
Tags :, Big Boobs, Big Nipples, Blonde, Bras, European, High Heels, Long hair, Masturbation, Shaved Pussy, Solo, Toys

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Emerald in 'Pearl Necklace'

Emerald - Pearl Necklace

If you've got the hots for a babe like Emerald, you may be daydreaming about replacing that hot little pearl choker around her neck with a custom pearl necklace. This enhanced cougar would welcome your contribution! While she waits, she'll warm herself up with a dildo that will leave her ready and waiting.

Emerald in 'Come To Momma'

Emerald - Come To Momma

Cock loving Brit Emerald isn't shy about her sensuality, even as she's getting older and hornier. This cum craving cougar is rocking a miniskirt and thong, but the real treat is watching her strip down and then get her fuck on with a dildo shoved all the way into her creamy cunt.

Emerald in 'Busty Babe'

Emerald - Busty Babe

Looking fine as fuck with her string of pearls drawing attention to her big titties, British cougar Emerald could be a former cheerleader in the outfit she's rocking. This milf has some stunning enhanced boobs, but her real goal is to get all eyes on her cream filled fuck hole that's ready to party.