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Ptica in 'Anilos' - Down To Business

Leather pants cling to Ptica's ass as she shakes that booty. Once she has drawn you in with her ass, she starts stripping so she can enjoy the touch of her soft hands on her titties and bottom. Her cunt is already nice and wet as her panties come off, making it easy to finger bang herself to climax.

Released : May 22nd, 2020
Tags : Blonde, Fair Skin, Long hair, Medium Boobs, Panties, Puffy Nipples, Short Girls, Trimmed

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Ptica in 'Under My Dress'

Ptica - Under My Dress

Just in from a hot time at the club, Ptica unzips her dress and then peels it off alongside her stockings and then her lingerie. She keeps on stripping, using her hot hands to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples to diamond peaks and make her cunt cream with sweet juices.

Ptica in 'Sexy Smart'

Ptica - Sexy Smart

When you have a woman as sexy and as hot as Ptica, it's just a cherry on top to realize that she's successful, too. She may be past 40, but this hot mama is a total cougar who is ready to strip down and show off that T&A to get her pussy pounded.

Ptica in 'Plush'

Ptica - Plush

Just home from a long day at work, Ptica is feeling the heat as she strips out of her office clothes and reveals the lingerie she's been rocking. When even the lingerie falls to the floor, her Ptica's hands are everywhere from her firm breasts to her sweet fuck hole.

Ptica in 'Little Pink Panties'

Ptica - Little Pink Panties

We couldn't wait to bring back Russian hottie Ptica and her cock craving body that our viewers loved so much. And she couldn't wait to come back! Get an eyeful of those sweet titties and then watch as her thighs fall to the side to show off that meaty landing strip pussy.

Ptica in 'Pretty Pleaser'

Ptica - Pretty Pleaser

Pretty mommy Ptica is lovely as she starts stripping out of her work clothes. Her bra and pantyhose hit the floor, followed by her panties. Licking her fingers to get them wet, she fondles those fluffy titties and then shoves her fingers into her trimmed cooch to finger fuck herself to climax.

Ptica in 'Mature Delight'

Ptica - Mature Delight

Ptica may look like a delicate housewife, but she is really a total sex fiend who can't wait to get herself off! Enjoy the show as she peels her clothes off, slowly unveiling her tender titties and her puffy nipples. By the time her trimmed twat is on display, she's nice and wet and ready to fuck!

Ptica in 'Cream Dream'

Ptica - Cream Dream

Looking fine as fuck in sheer lingerie, Ptica shows herself off for your pleasure. This horny mama loves the feel of her silk gloves as she caresses her breasts and tender nipples. Slipping her hands lower to her trimmed twat, she warms herself up for the sensual delight that can only come from a big dildo.