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Tori Cummings in 'Anilos' - All In

There's nothing that blonde MILF Tori Cummings wants more than a hard and willing partner who can get her motor running and make her pussy twitch. From oral sex to a titty fuck between those giant jugs, she winds her lover up and then rides his dick until she's moaning long and loud.

Released : January 18th, 2023
Tags : Big Boobs, Blonde, Hardcore, Lingerie, Long hair, Shaved Pussy

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Tori Cummings - Captive Plaything: Mistress Dolores and Impala

Mistress Dolores fetches her pet Impala from his dark dusty quarters. She begins the humiliation and makes him dress in a silly, ill fitting clothes fit for a toy doll. She places him in a wooden cage with his hands and head protruding out from the top of the stockade lid. She places a hood over his head and whips his thighs with a cat o nine tails. After that, she ties his head and feet to a wrought iron gate with his ass in the air. The beautiful Mistress Dolores places clothespins down his thighs and balls and spanks his ass hard. She hits him with a crop and drips melted candle wax into the crack of his ass. Next Impala is secured to a wooden seat with leather straps. Hooks go into his nose and lift it up like a pig. She straps a medieval looking collar with several spikes keeping his head up. She puts spikes between his toes, a clamp on his tongue and foreskin. Mistress Dolores lifts Impala into the air in a full rope suspension. She gets his cock hard with her feet and then finishes him off with her strong hands. She pees on his chest, and sticks he foot on his head like a hunter.

Sabien Demonia in 'Daydreaming in Spain: Sabien Demonia and Tori Cummings'

Sabien Demonia - Daydreaming in Spain: Sabien Demonia and Tori Cummings

Sabien Demonia walks the streets of Spain at night, alone. She enters a bar and orders a drink from busty blonde bombshell, Tori Cummings. Sabien cant help but stare at Tori?s big tits popping out of her white blouse. She stares herself into a daydream where she has Tori naked on an exam table. Sabien is in a white lab coat, obviously there to perform dirty kinky experiments on her. Sabien gets out some suction devices and uses them on Tori?s pink nipples, making them protrude under the plexiglass. Sabien secures another suction device to Tori?s pussy, making it too, puff out. She adds a zipper of clothespins to each tit and rips them off. Sabien uses a vibrator on Tori?s pussy and makes her cum, slapping her thighs each time she tries to close her legs. After that, Sabien switches up her fantasy and she?s got Tori standing naked, bound to a chain link fence with her ass sticking out. She spanks and paddles Tori?s ass hard, and fucks her pussy deep with a strap-on. In the final fantasy, Tori is in slutty red lingerie, laying on her back with a big dildo attached to her face. Sabien straddles Tori and fucks herself with it, riding the dildo reverse cowgirl, her big beautiful ass bouncing on it until she cums.

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Emily Woods' fast food joint is slammed with customers, and snooty customer Tori Cummings is getting impatient for her food. The two butt heads, leading to a scrappy catfight. And since this is porn, the catfight leads to both women getting horny and wanting to fuck each other right in the middle of the restaurant. Danny D, a patron in the right place at the right time, decides to get in on the action, showing the ladies his giant cock. This leads to a hot threesome that the food inspector certainly wouldn't approve of!

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Barmaid goddess Tori Cummings has her eyes on hot client Danny D, who's just ordered "the special", not exactly knowing what to expect. What a nice surprise when Tori exposes herself for the lucky Danny and chases out the other client. Now, the two can have a sexy chat away for the indiscrete eye, until horned up Tori turns around, shows off her butt and asks for a good pounding. Never, ever would Danny say no to such an inviting offer!