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Blonde and busty, Dani Dare doesn't look like her 50 years. Instead this well preserved cougar is still flaunting her huge titties and cock craving bare pussy at any opportunity. Watch her peel off her bra and miniskirt and kick off her high heels until she's naked and ready to rumble.

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Dani Dare - Hardcore

Dani Dare - Hardcore

13th February - At 50, Canadian housewife Dani Dare is a cougar in search of younger men. When she brings one home she enjoys having her huge tits squeezed and her mouth full of her guy's hardon. When she's done sucking, she spreads her legs to get her bare pussy licked and fucked until she's satisfied. ...Read More
Dani Dare - Take It Off

Dani Dare - Take It Off

21st February - Canadian housewife Dani Dare is hot as hell in a bra, miniskirt, and garter stockings. Watch her show off her giant breasts and cock craving bare cunt as she slips all her clothes off. Nude, she fondles her giant honkers and smooths her hand over her firm ass and always creamy fuck hole. ...Read More
Dani Dare - Mature Housewife

Dani Dare - Mature Housewife

20th February - Check out hot mother Dani Dare as she;s dressed to go out on the town. Her tight dress with its short miniskirt shows off her incredible body and big boobs. The only thing better than that dress is watching this bigtit mom strip down to her high heels so we can admire her bare cunt. ...Read More


Dani Dare - Bare dare

Dani Dare - Milf Hunter

10th February - Levi and Pauly went to get some greasy fast food to feed their hangovers. They pulled into the parking lot and were greeted by the sight of a sexy MILF leaving the restaurant. Levi worked his magic, and soon, he was in the passenger seat next to the beautiful mature Dani. She was married, mother of two, and extremely horny. Especially after her husband passed out on her last night. It was the perfect scenario. Levi took her back to the house to watch her show off her amazingly fit and shapely body. Dani's big titties, plump ass, and smooth pussy made for a great show. She got into the teasing and started masturbating. Soon Levi joined in to eat that pussy and stroke it deep and hard. Dani's pussy was too good, so he spurted his jizz into her mouth. ...Read More